Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Amazon India launches Release Day Delivery Service today announced the launch of Release Day Delivery (RDD), a service committed to delivering new product offerings to customers on the day of their launch. 

With the launch of RDD, customers can now pre- order and receive some of the most eagerly awaited new products at their doorstep on the day of release.

The service is launched with the release of Xbox One. This means hundreds of customers who had pre booked the Xbox One in 35+ cities have started receiving their deliveries on the very same day of its release.

So guys with this service by amazon we can place our hands on the product that we awaited on the release day itself...

But as of now this service is limited for Video Games Category only soon this gonna come for other categories tooo.....

One can enjoy this service @

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Update Your Facebook Status Using SMS

Is your mobile out of Internet Balance?
Need to post status to your FACEBOOK?

Here is the simply and fast way....

In order to post the Facebook status updates via SMS using your mobile phone, your cell number must be associated with your Facebook account and must be verified as well.

Make sure your mobile is verified

1. Go to menu
2. Select messaging option
3. Create a new message
4. Enter your status message that you  want to update on facebook
5. Once done send it to 9232232665

Note: Every country has different Facebook SMS number depending on the region you live in and the carrier type you are using. Therefore, before you try to update your Facebook status using an SMS, you must confirm the number where you must send the SMS. E.g. 9232232665 is used in India

Note: When you update your Facebook status via SMS, the SMS charges may apply according to your cell number’s subscription plan, and the carrier that is used to send the SMS.