Monday, 11 July 2016

Replace FACEBOOK profile pic with a VIDEO--Facebook Profile Video

Yes, what you read is right...

Facebook -The social network site that almost every internet user has an account with this.
And now facebook has introduced this cool feature where in its users can upload a VIDEO as their profile pic.

Users can use this feature from their Android or IOS app and not from the web browser.

You can record or upload the video file with timeline upto 7 seconds and the video will appear at the top of the profile just as your profile pic.

How to upload a video as profile pic in Facebook?

Follow these simple steps:

Tap on Edit option on the profile pic.

The first option you see is "Take a New Profile Video" with this option you can record a video from your phone camera and use as a profile pic.

Just  below this you can  also see the option "Select a Profile Video" on clicking on this option, you can navigate through the videos in your handset to use as a Profile Pic.

After recording the video or selecting the video that you wish to use as Profile Video, tap next  and select the frame that you wanted to use as a Thumbnail.

Tap on USE/SAVE option and there you go...Your new Facebook Profile Video is updated.

Use this cool feature now---facebook