Sunday, 23 July 2017

United We have more Fun says Nokia 6

One of world’s biggest mobile phone manufactures Nokia company launched an outstanding phone with android and immersive entertainment -  Nokia 6

An outstanding phone with latest Android™ and immersive entertainment

Features of Nokia 6 :

• 5.5” full HD display : To enjoy your entertainment
• Immersive sound with Dolby Atmos : Dual speakers ,deep bass
• 16 MP camera :
                            >16MP: Back on camera
                            > 8MP: camera on front
                            >Dual tone flash on main camera
        The photos will be clear and natural even in low light
• Nokia6 with Android Nougat , spread of Google services. Its conform you get regular updates , information and security.
• Available as both single SIM and dual SIM variants. 
• Excellent battery life and improved graphics performance
• 3GB of RAM
         Loads of space with 32 GB mass storage ,and micro SD card support upto 128GB.
         Showoff your Nokia6 with clear hybrid case that protects from scratches.
A wireless headset that’s light weight, durable and comfy for sports.

Nokia6 designed for perfection with a clean look, a smooth Metal exterior and five colours to choose.

Nokia phones are symbolic for the excellent quality with ideal balance performance and battery life. But, stepped  behind with the advent of iphone and Android smart phones.

Now by launching the Nokia6 with Android nougat, let’s hope and wish Nokia become one of the competitors for the Android smart phone manufacturing companies.
In India , Nokia6 price starts from Rs.14,999. Amazon starts its sale for Nokia 6 on August 23, 2017.

Amazon offers Rs500 and Rs1000 offers on this device for sale on August 23, 2017.
To know more about the offers Amazon offers on Nokia6 click Nokia6

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Memory cards

microSD is a type of FLASH MEMORY which is removable and can store the information or to say in simple words DATA.

SD mean Secured Digital and often these are called as 
 µSD or uSD.

These micro SD formats were made by Giant company SanDisk.

We have 3 types of micro SD cards:

microSD -  maximum capacity up to 2GB & can be used only in devices supporting micro SD slolt

microSDHC - max capacity up to 32GB & can be used in devices supporting  SDHC or SDXC

microSDXC - max capacity up to 2TB can be used only in device supporting SDXC

Speed Class :

It shows the minimum write speed of an card in megabytes per second

Class 2 : minimum speed is 2MBPS

Class 4 : minimum speed is 4MBPS

Class 6 : minimum speed is 6MBPS

Class 10 : minimum speed is 10MBPS
These cards are available on e-commerce website. Check out few: