Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Memory cards

microSD is a type of FLASH MEMORY which is removable and can store the information or to say in simple words DATA.

SD mean Secured Digital and often these are called as 
 µSD or uSD.

These micro SD formats were made by Giant company SanDisk.

We have 3 types of micro SD cards:

microSD -  maximum capacity up to 2GB & can be used only in devices supporting micro SD slolt

microSDHC - max capacity up to 32GB & can be used in devices supporting  SDHC or SDXC

microSDXC - max capacity up to 2TB can be used only in device supporting SDXC

Speed Class :

It shows the minimum write speed of an card in megabytes per second

Class 2 : minimum speed is 2MBPS

Class 4 : minimum speed is 4MBPS

Class 6 : minimum speed is 6MBPS

Class 10 : minimum speed is 10MBPS
These cards are available on e-commerce website. Check out few:

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